Grain Bin & Silo Waterproofing


As grain bins and silos begin to age and fair varying weather, rust will develop at the base of each bin. As time goes on, rusting will cause structural damage. Grain bins and silos can then become dangerous structures without enough support to store goods.

To address this particular issue in Kansas, Oklahoma and Colorado, we’ve developed ways to use our spray foam as Kansas grain bin waterproofing. Our spray foam has proven effective in homes, commercial buildings and trenches, so we discovered that we could put it to work improving structural soundness of silos and grain bins.

Spray foam is applied to the base of each structure, adhering to the structural components and strengthening areas of weakness due to rust and weather damage. This type of grain bin and silo waterproofing is a life saver for anyone who uses these structures. Don’t risk your livelihood with damaging weather conditions that cause your structures to deteriorate.

Let our spray foam keep your structures stronger for longer and don’t risk losing any goods or collapsing structures. We’ll waterproof your silos and grain bins anywhere in Kansas, Oklahoma and Colorado.