Spray Foam Solutions is a professional insulation contracting company with over 8 years of industry experience. We’re experts in spray foam insulation in Kansas and we want to make sure your home or business is healthy, energy efficient, and environmentally friendly. Our specialists have worked on all different types of buildings, including new and old residential, agricultural, industrial, and steel frame projects.


Commercial and agricultural sheds can develop many serious problems. They’re often plagued by inconsistent temperatures, for example, as well as fluctuating humidity levels, noise complaints, and poor energy efficiency.

Fortunately, all of these problems can be solved with spray foam. Spray Foam Solutions can extend the life of your building and increase its energy efficiency. Instead of being seen as a sunk cost, our services can be seen as an investment: we insulate your building for life and the savings will continue piling up year after year. Our Closed Cell Spray Foam insulation can be left exposed and eliminates the need for liner panels. We also don’t need to perform a multi-step process involving studs and sheathing. Instead, the installation is quick, simple, and effective. Furthermore, the insulation can be painted white and offers a permanent hard surface in any outdoor structure.

Key Benefits:

Spray foam insulation provides massive energy savings – especially in outdoor shed structures which often have no insulation. Spray foam provides vastly superior insulation on structures with traditional fiberglass insulation. Better yet, our spray foam does not decay or deteriorate over time. Instead, it stays strong and solid. Year after year, spray foam will save you money and eliminate noise and odor. It can also protect structures from corrosion or rust, extending the life of your building.

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Attics are a key source of heat loss in your home. Hot air rises and will escape through your roof, causing massive energy loss over time. That’s why we recommend lining your attic with spray foam. A spray foam lining creates a semi-conditioned space within the attic and prevents extreme temperatures. Instead of being hot in the summer and cold in the winter, your attic will stay at a moderate temperature throughout the year.

What does this mean for you? Spray foam insulation extends the life of your home and the equipment inside. This is particularly important if there is HVAC equipment or ductwork in your attic. Extreme temperatures put unnecessary stress on everything in your house. Adding spray foam will include your attic within the building envelope and ensure consistent, normal temperatures.

Applying spray foam to the attic will also prevent mold and mildew from forming. In fact, many of our spray foam customers have recently cleaned their homes of mildew and mold and are looking for a permanent solution to their moisture problems. We work directly with local mold and mildew removal companies to ensure your home stays permanently protected.

Our spray foam prevents mold formation simply because it is not a food source for mold. Spray foam insulation cannot support the growth of bacteria or fungi. And, since our spray foam is air-sealed, your attic will not experience extreme temperature inversions where one side of the attic is warmer than the other. This prevents condensation from forming within attic cavities and reduces the formation of mold and moisture.

Spray foam insulation doesn’t have to be messy! Our spray foam specialists have worked with buildings of all shapes and sizes and we can protect any sensitive areas of your home, including traffic areas in the attic and original fixtures and moldings.

We want to protect your home and your attic from the elements. Our spray foam solutions provide superior insulation and protect one of the most important areas of your home from rust, mold, mildew, and other serious problems.

Key Benefits:

The primary benefit of spray foam insulation is increased energy efficiency. This is particularly important in the attic, which can be a major source of heat loss for many homes. Spray foam insulation provides vastly superior protection in comparison to traditional fiberglass batt insulation, blown-in fiberglass, and blown-in cellulose. Even better, spray foam insulation will not settle or deteriorate over time. Spray Foam Solutions can help your attic become more energy efficient and reduce noise, odor, and mildew in one of the most sensitive areas of your home.

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Spray foam insulation is particularly beneficial in garages. It can be applied as the final interior finish and will prevent corrosion, rust, and mildew in the garage. Spray foam will keep your garage at a comfortable temperature in both the summer and the winter.  It also hardens and can be painted white.

One of the most important benefits of spray foam insulation is its ability to control the climate in your garage. Instead of fluctuating wildly between hot and cold extremes, your garage will feature more medium temperatures throughout the year.

That’s important for more than just getting into your car on cold mornings! It also extends the lifetime of the ducts and equipment in your garage. If your garage is like most garages, then you store a lot of equipment inside. Spray foam can extend the lifetime of that equipment and protect it from rust, corrosion, mildew, mold, and other environmental hazards.

Key Benefits:

There are plenty of benefits to spray foaming your garage. Those benefits include improved energy efficiency and more comfortable temperatures within the garage. Spray foaming also reduces mildew, mold, rust, and other problems caused by temperature differences and uneven climate zones.

One of the most important benefits of spray foam installation is that it’s a permanent solution to a permanent problem. Spray foam hardens along the walls of your garage and can be painted over. It doesn’t look out-of-place and provides many essential benefits for your home, your garage, and your energy bill.

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Are you planning an addition to your home? Additions and renovations present a perfect opportunity to insulate your home with spray foam. Applying spray foam insulation is easy and effective with your studs and wall cavities exposed.

When applying spray foam to an addition or renovation area, you can expect to enjoy all sorts of different benefits, including reduced air and moisture intrusion, increased energy efficiency, and stronger overall structure support.

Spray Foam Solutions can apply a permanent layer of insulation between your new home addition and the outside environment. This insulation hardens upon contact, creating a long-term solution to a long-term problem. Increased energy efficiency isn’t the only problem solved by spray foam insulation: it also prevents bacteria, mold, and mildew from forming between your walls. Unlike other types of insulation, hardened spray foam cannot support life.

Whether you’re trying to save money on your energy bill or manage temperature and humidity levels in your home, our spray foam specialists can insulate your home’s new addition and provide long-term protection.

Key Benefits:

Adding a new area to your home can significantly increase your energy bill: especially if you don’t take proper care to insulate that area. When insulating that area with spray foam, you can typically expect to see energy savings of 30% to 70% over traditional types of insulation.

Spray foam insulation is about more than just energy bill savings; it’s also about protecting your home’s new renovation from mold, mildew, bacteria, and other major environmental hazards that can wreak havoc on your home over time.

If you’re planning on building an addition to your home, then build it right: spray foam insulation can make sure your addition stays at a comfortable interior temperature without compromising the temperature of the rest of your home.

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New Construction

If you’re working on a new construction project, then spray polyurethane foam insulation is the best way to protect that home from the elements. Spray foam provides superior protection to traditional types of insulation and prevents bacteria, fungi, and moisture from collecting between walls. It effectively regulates temperatures and prevents homes from becoming too hot or too cold at any time of the year.

New constructions can particularly benefit from spray foam Kansas solutions. The best time to install spray foam is when the studs and cavities are exposed. After application, spray foam hardens upon the surface and will permanently stay on the surface to provide superior long-term protection.

Key Benefits:

Spray foam insulation comes with all sorts of powerful and unique benefits. Those benefits include protection from mold and mildew and the elimination of condensation within the walls of the home. On new constructions, these benefits prevent the home from developing serious problems over time, including health problems, environmental issues, and even structural complaints.

Spray foam is a one-time investment that provides superior insulation over the life of the home. It creates noticeably more comfortable interior temperatures at all times of the year – something that any homeowner can appreciate.

Whether you’re trying to save money on an energy bill or simply create comfortable interior temperatures in your home, spray foam insulation provides considerable benefits to new home constructions projects.

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Industrial Buildings

Industrial buildings are plagued by inconsistent temperatures and fluctuating humidity levels. These problems can easily be solved by spray foam Kansas. Spray foam provides superior protection from the elements – approximately 30% to 70% better protection than traditional insulation – while also providing noise protection and other benefits.

The unique closed cell spray foam surface can be left exposed and painted over. After application, the spray foam hardens and will permanently stick to the applied surface. This surface cannot provide life to bacteria, which means that moisture, mold, mildew, rust, and other problems will not occur.

Key Benefits:

Our spray foam services are a single-application solution to a serious, long-term problem. Our highly-qualified specialists can protect any industrial building from the elements and prevent serious problems like mold and mildew.

One of the best benefits of spray foam is its ability to expand into every nook and cranny of your industrial building’s walls. Spray foam expands up to 120 times in just seconds in order to fill every void within a wall. Whether your wall is a flat surface or features a complex array of C-channels and “hat” channels, our superior spray foam services fill every void to protect an air-sealed layer of protection.

Protecting industrial buildings with spray foam is an effective way to reduce energy bills and noise complaints. It also protects your building and its valuable equipment from dangerous environmental fluctuations. Most importantly, it improves the health and air quality of your interior environment in order to protect employees. In short, spray foam insulation is an investment into the long-term safety and security of your business.

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